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Bathroom Series Concentrated Cleaner, 2 Capsule Refills

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1 capsule 50 ml = 0.5 L of cleaning product

Aroma: Woody

This perfect spray is great for keeping your bathroom clean, fresh and safe from bacteria. Removes limescale, soap scum, rust and hard water stains and leaves your bathroom surfaces bright and clean. Suitable for ceramics, basins, bathtubs, shower cabins, toilet bowls. Recommended for acrylic sanitaryware.

Directions: Cut the top off of the capsule and pour the liquid concentrate into the bottle. Add 450 ml of warm clean water. Shake well. Turn nozzle to on position. Squeeze the trigger to apply the solution, leave for a few seconds and wipe with a dry cloth. For best results use our exclusive sprayer bottle designed for Bathroom series.

Discard or recycle empty capsule. Capsules are fully recyclable.

Ingredients: ≥30% aqua, ≥15% but <30% citric acid, non-ionic surfactants, ≥5% but <15% o-phosphoric acid, < 5% organic solvent, fragrance, dye

Store in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 5° to 35°Caway from direct sunlight

Warning!Use only as directed. Wear rubber gloves while using the product. Do not mix with other cleaning chemicals. Causes eye and skin irritation. In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water and seek medical advice if needed. Do not inhale or ingest. Keep out of reach of children

Best used before 24 months after production date.

This product is not subject to mandatory certification and declaration