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What is Green Cleaning? 

Have you been thinking about green cleaning, but aren’t sure what it is or why it’s better than conventional cleaning?

Green cleaning can also mean using refillable cleaning products like reusable glass spray bottles and multipurpose cleaning concentrates. Or cleaning with biodegradable and zero waste cleaning tools. All of these are great examples of what green cleaning is. 

Eco-friendly cleaning tools are part of green-cleaning too! They save time, money and the environment.

Sustainable Scrub Brushes: 

Whether you are scrubbing the kitchen sink or pots and pans from supper opt for scrub brushes made with compostable materials like bamboo, coconut, wood, palm fibers. 

  1. Bamboo cactus scrub brush

Organic Dish Cloths and Towels: 

While we talked about cleaning with old rags it’s nice to have a handful of new organic dishcloths and towels. These are super absorbent and made with unbleached organic cotton. 

Reusable Spray Bottles:

Cleaning never looked so beautiful than with reusable spray bottles, these are a green cleaning tool you’ll love buying. 

While green cleaning can have a lot of meanings, for me the most benefits are reducing waste

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