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We’ve seen consumers face something of a dilemma during the pandemic in terms of hygiene versus the environment. Many people have shifted their habits towards safety first and foremost, such as the usage of harsher cleaning products. However, post-pandemic – we expect the environment to come back into consumer thinking at an even greater level than before and that will encourage even more growth for eco-friendly cleaning products like Dutybox.

What can Dutybox do and how we can we motivate consumers to get involved with green cleaning?

Those who are engaged with green products are looking to increase their involvement. In fact, a third of people who buy eco-friendly household care products increased the number they bought in the last six months. This underlines the growth we’ve seen in terms of sales for eco-friendly products

More than ever, consumers recognize that they themselves can make a difference to the future of the planet and are really showing the intent to do so. If we can make it easier for consumers to act on that intent, then we will continue to see significant growth in the coming years.

Dutybox focuses not just on the concentrated refills and cutting on highlighting the importance of the impact it has on cutting down energy consumption and emissions from manufacturing and shipping products around. Up to 90% of cleaning products is water, so concentrated refills can create a vast reduction in terms of weight and bulk.

Retailers like Spinneys are exploring in-store refill stations for eco brands, so these products are going to gain even more attention and awareness as people explore the cleaning aisles.

The barriers to eco-friendly products have typically been perceived efficacy and cost. These two barriers are slowly coming down, which is helping to aid growth of the green market.

Eventually, we will see a convergence between traditional and green to the point where all products have to be considered to do better for the planet to be successful.

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